Know Your Audience

Who you are trying to attract and sell to is critical when it comes to creating great on brand business portraits. This isn’t just about creating a headshot of you where you look gorgeous (although it’s always great if that can be achieved as well). It’s about portraying yourself as someone your audience wants to connect with.
So by way of preparing think about your audience demographics:


  • Male or female?
  • Age?
  • Industries they work in and their seniority (if you’re B2B)?
  • Income?
  • Interests?
  • Etc, etc.


Identifying these demographics can help you make decisions about what to wear. Is your audience young and trendy – are you? Are you selling to senior level execs? Tie on or off chaps that varies hugely nowadays?
I’m sure you know all these things but had you thought to apply them to your brand photography or even a simple business headshot? You might ask how will these things make a difference but it will – you want to reflect back what your tribe want to see. So here is how a few of my clients I addressed a few of my clients requirements.


The Website Designer

Rebecca Harvey is a website designer and creative, and wanted to convey her creativity as well as her warmth and approachability. She also runs social media training courses and helps a lot of people who feel overwhelmed. The choice of backdrop was crucial as were her outfits in order that she could reflect her brand and her personality.

the website designer headshot photography


The Mental Well Being Coach

Monica Douglas Clarke is a reverend, an inspirational speaker and business woman, these are just a small selection of some of her images used in a huge variety of ways and places. Each image reflects a very different aspect of who she is, what she does and how she wants to connect with her different audiences.

vivienne kane headshot photography 2


The Health and Wellness Practitioner

Mairi Taylor runs a health and fitness company as well as being a source of inspiration and wellbeing coach and selling related products, she wanted both studio and outdoor shoots both to reflect free spirited nature as well as her closeness to nature.

vivienne kane headshot photography 1


The Entrepreneur

Jason Tagg, was launching a new company and destination venue selling coffee and vinyl records – a great concept in a great location. He wanted images for LinkedIn and approaching backers as well as Social Media and reaching out to his new audience.

vivienne kane headshot photography


So whatever industry you are in or audience you are reaching out to remember a headshot or business portrait is a close-up of you and as such you are giving your audience an insight into who you are and what you stand for. So the detail really does matter.

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