When you meet someone face to face you only have 60 seconds to make a first impression. However, with more business now being done online you might only have 1/6 of a second!

That’s why it’s essential that your business headshot creates the right impression. Otherwise your potential customers may simply move on to your competitors.

I know that the idea of a photoshoot can be daunting, but you can achieve wonderful results with the right preparation.

Here are some simple ways that you can prepare yourself for a business headshot you will love.


Dress the part for your business headshot

There are two main things to think about when deciding how to dress for your headshot. Firstly, you need to know what suits you. Secondly, think about what your audience will like.

I work with my clients to help them to feel comfortable in front of the camera and it’s much easier when they wear something they feel good in. When you choose your colours think about what suits you, but also remember that you will be photographed against a white background. A white or pale coloured top won’t help you to stand out, especially if you have fair hair.

Your headshot could form part of your overall branding so think about what will create the right impression for your audience. Do you need to look professional in a suit or is your brand more playful? If you want to use your headshot alongside your logo, consider the way the colours will work together.


Vary your look for your business headshot

If you offer services to a range of different people you might need more than one headshot. If that means multiple outfits I offer a longer session to allow for that, but it might not be necessary.

You can really vary your look by using different accessories. That could be scarves or jewellery, or simply changing the colour of your tie. If you wear glasses you can try having some images with them on and some with them off. It’s also very important to ensure that your glasses are spotlessly clean.


Be vain

I know that a lot of people don’t like to wear makeup, they feel that it just isn’t them. However, when it comes to achieving an excellent headshot it can make all the difference. Even just curling your eyelashes and using a small amount of powder can dramatically improve the final result.

Think about what you would do to get ready for a special occasion and approach your photoshoot in a similar way. Have your hair styled and coloured. If you’re a chap with a beard or stubble, make sure it looks as you want it as Photoshop can’t remove it!

Small details can make all the difference, for example having your eyebrows shaped and using balms to get your lips into great condition. Whilst a headshot is a close up of your face your hands can also be in shot so you might want to book a manicure.


Get your makeup right

You could book a professional makeup artist but it’s possible to achieve a flawless look yourself. Using a primer will help to make your skin look great and eyeliner and mascara will define your eyes so that they stand out in your headshot.

Avoid using foundation with an SPF or sparkly, shimmering makeup as it can reflect the light in strange ways. Even if you don’t usually wear lipstick it can help your lips to stand out. The last thing you want is to look shiny in the final images, so finish off with a dusting of powder.


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I work with my clients to help them achieve great results. If you’d like more advice on preparing for your photoshoot, please get in touch.